1. Front doors
The most vulnerable part of your property. More secure doors are thicker than original Victoria or later period doors – 65mm – so adding more timber and increasing the strength of the door dramatically. We use Banham mortice locks and always two deadlocks. Make sure these are locked when the property is empty and at nighttime engage at least one of these locks. If someone breaks in they cannot exit the front door.

Ayrton Bespoke

2. Video door bells and spy hole cameras
Great new products on the market replacing intercoms and the old spy hole with wifi video cameras that can alert you to motion direct to your mobile and others living in the property. Check out Ring.com.

3. Double glazing
Breaking a double glazed window is hard work, and avoidable these days with more chance of DNA caught on materials from glazing.

4. Glass type
Toughened glass essential for front door glazed panels at the very least. Stained glass these days can be replicated within a double glazed unit. Consider laminated glass for more vulnerable locations, such as rear and side positions of a property. Laminated glass does not shatter, rather like a car windscreen.

5. Window locks and hinges
Sashes should all have dead bolts, ideally in two positions, with lockable catches. Similarly handles and stays should all be lockable on casement windows.

Ayrton Bespoke

6. Door locks
French and folding doors should all have multi point locks often operated with a single handle.

7. Obstructions
Makes sure there is no hiding place at the front of your property where someone has time to try and break in. Cut hedges for example and put gravel down – a good old fashioned deterrent!

8. Cameras
Ring.com and Nest have affordable stick up cameras that can pick up motion and record it. You can’t have enough of them! Fixed recordable cameras are an upgrade on this.

9. Alarm system
If all else fails!

10. Insurance
Check your policy to see what is required to be adequately insured.

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