mi sport

Children do sport when:

  • – They are with their friends
  • – It’s fun
  • – They feel they are making progress

Most children tend not to be motivated by winning, indeed, there is strong evidence to suggest children who are intrinsically motivated, stay in sport longer. But, like adults, kids are all different. The common assumption is that sport is a journey towards elite performance but for most people that’s not the case. Some children just want to PLAY, others to PRACTISE and others aspire to PERFORM. Our goal is to be able to provide meaningful, engaging experiences for each of the 3 P’s.


To enjoy sport, children need ….

  • – to be able to move well
  • – to think about what they are doing
  • – to have certain attitudes like perseverance and positivity

At mi sport we help children develop each of these starting with equipping young children with sound movement competency. 

mi sport North London offers courses throughout the year providing term time, after school and weekend activities, School Plus, and holiday programmes in every school holiday at Fortismere School, Muswell Hill.

See the full schedule: http://mi-sport.co/muswell-hill/


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