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10 Top Tips for buying a front door:

  1. Avoid just buying a new door leaf. Two reasons – first, old properties will probably have twisted the old frame, so a square leaf will not be a snug fit. Second, a new door needs a matching frame for a better secure build.
  2. Buy a fully finished door. A chippy / decorator combo is asking for trouble. 
  3. Insist on Banham locks – they are the most secure and are much more reliable.
  4. Try and replicate the doors that are most prevalent in your street.

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  1. Stained glass needs to be inserted in a toughened double-glazed unit for security.
  2. What happens if the door moves or the locks fail? What aftercare and guarantees do you have?
  3. Make sure the manufacturer fits the door, no sub-contractors. You then know where the buck stops.
  4. Check out local examples of fitted doors, go and see them.
  5. Visit a showroom and see the doors up close and personal.
  6. Finally, a secure, weather proofed, built to last beautiful new door cannot be your cheapest quote.

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Ayrton Bespoke is London’s leading period timber window and door replacement company. Visit their showroom in Crouch End.

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