How often do you take time to relax? If you are anything like us, the answer is ‘not very often’, in fact we often use ‘relaxation’ as a reward and so rarely prioritise it as part of our general health and wellbeing.

Truth is, regular relaxation is essential if we are to function at maximum efficiency and rationality. So why is it so important? Studies show that regular relaxation can help manage stress levels, improve sleep, mood, memory, concentration and finally reduce the risk of long term physical illness.

Baring this in mind, we at Crouch End Mums have been searching for an alternative relaxation remedy that also aids our overall wellbeing. What we found was Yolanda Reflexology. So what is reflexology?

‘Traditionally focussing on the body through the feet, Reflexology is a natural complementary health therapy that works to help the body restore balance, reduce stress and promote general health and wellbeing’

Whether it is from her treatment room on Onslow Gardens or travelling to client’s homes and offices in the city, Yolanda treats every client with individuality, compassion and a wealth of knowledge gained from her extensive career in complementary health therapy.


Yolanda’s strength of focus is promoting stress management and relaxation in conjunction with women’s health through reflexology. Since qualifying from the London School of Reflexology, Yolanda has trained in Hand Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, as well as Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Post-Natal Reflexology and Healthy Eating and Wellbeing so there is a wealth of treatments to try.


So what are you waiting for? Give it a try for yourself, you never know, you may come out better equipped to deal with that never ending to-do list of yours?




Phone: 07583 572190


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