We know that young people are now facing increasing pressures than ever before. CHOICES want to give them the skills they need to manage difficulties from an early stage, to prevent them from needing complex and lengthy treatments at a later stage. CHOICES is a unique service as it gives young people and families the chance to get in touch with the service themselves (self-referral) –Rather than having to wait for a professional to make a referral on your behalf.

CHOICES offers support to children, young people up to the age of 17 and families in Haringey who are worried about their emotional wellbeing.

You can get in touch with the CHOICES team if you might be experiencing:

* Bullying
* Anger issues
* Traumatic event(s)
* Low mood
* Behavioural problems
* Self-harm
* Eating problems
* Anxiety
* Sleeping problems
* Panic
* School issues
* Family problems

The ethos at CHOICES is to provide a safe space to talk as they respect young people’, children’s and parents values and beliefs and will not make any judgements. The team will always discuss and agree what information (if any) you are happy to share with others.

CHOICES work with young people so they can take control of their life, find ways to support themselves and to find the skills to manage the difficulties and struggles.

You can request support from the team for a one off face-to-face conversation where a member of the CHOICES team will help you understand your difficulties and worries you may have. The team have a number of contacts with local community organisations including leisure and sports clubs, therapeutic organisations and more. CHOICES will help you work out what services and support are available in Haringey for you.

6 weeks after your conversation a member of the CHOICES team will make contact with you to see how you are getting on. This may be done face-to-face or over the phone. The team would like to know what has changed for you since your conversation and how you felt about meeting with them. Sometimes further support is needed and that is fine, CHOICES can help you with this.

Below are some comments made from young people and families

“It was great to have somewhere to go to talk about what’s been happening to me, talking has helped”

“You were genuinely interested in helping, not watching the clock and allowed us to talk about our struggles”

“It was nice to have a space to check things out and make sure we are on the right path of diagnosis before going too far”
To arrange a conversation with a member of the team please check out the CHOICES website on and complete the Young Adults Form or Professionals and Families form and a member of the team will get back to you or simple contact the team on 0208 702 3405 or email

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