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Whether you’re meeting friends for lunch across town, enjoying a family outing at the park or heading down to the shops quickly, it’s sometimes more flexible and convenient to jump in a car. In an area with lower levels of public transport, this may be why Crouch End has such a high rate of second car ownership. But with car ownership comes the hassle and cost of insurance, repairs and fuel. All for a car that is likely to sit idle most of the time.

DriveNow gives you access to over 700 BMW and MINI vehicles, which can be found at the touch of a button in the DriveNow app and rented by the minute, hour or day. The service expanded into more of London at the end of 2018 and is now available in Haringey, Barnet, Islington, Hackney, Westminster, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Brent and Waltham Forest. All journeys include fuel, car tax and insurance, and you can park the car for free in any residents’ and pay and display bay within the DriveNow Zone.

Unlike traditional round-trip car clubs, DriveNow provides flexible car sharing where you don’t need to return the car to the original parking bay the journey started from. This enables multi-modal transport use i.e. pick up a DriveNow in Crouch End, park at your destination, and return home using a different mode of public transport if you need to.

The fleet of over 700 vehicles includes the all-electric BMW i3 (free from the congestion charge at all times), MINI Convertible, MINI 3 and 5-door, MINI Clubman, BMW Active Tourer and BMW 1 Series, with a booster seat available in the last four models mentioned. You can also double check if the booster seat is available in the car description on the app before you reserve the car.

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How it works:

Find a BMW or MINI in the app: see where your closest DriveNow is, filter by model, check fuel/charge level and check for a booster seat.

Reserve the car: free reservation for the first 15 minutes, enabling time to walk to the car.

Plan your trip: use the app to enter your destination and select an hourly or daily package if you need the car for longer.

Unlock the car: at the touch of a button in the app.

No need for keys: simply enter your personal PIN in app and press the start/stop button in car to start engine.

Park for free: in any residents’ or pay and display bay in the DriveNow Zone. Choose ‘Park & Keep’ in the app if you’re coming back to the car and want to continue the rental.

End rental: make sure you have your belongings and select ‘End Rental’ in the app to lock the car behind you.

With no annual membership or ongoing costs, free yourself from the shackles of car ownership and embrace the flexibility of car sharing.

DriveNow are delighted to offer all Crouch End Mums, FREE lifetime DriveNow membership with £20 credit to try them out!

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