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New mums, stay-at-home mums, working mums, single mums, and mums in general, have one thing in common – they’re all stressed out. This stress not only impacts a mum’s health, it affects parenting skills, patience, and the desire to bond with their child.  You may not be able to avoid all the stress, but you can get away for just a few minutes to feel less overwhelmed. Giving yourself permission to take a “stress break” is often enough to decompress or just give a new perspective.

Here are some ways to sneak a little relaxation into your day:

1. Learn deep breathing or meditation

Deep abdominal breathing and meditation are proven to help moderate stress and help the body relax. Best yet, you can also teach the tension-relieving strategies to your kids! How to start: Use slow, deep breaths. Inhale slowly to a count of five, pause for two counts, and then slowly breathe out the same way, again counting to five. Repeating the sequence creates maximum relaxation.

2. Get moving

Even on your busiest day, try to find some time to exercise – doing yoga or stretches in your living room, a short run or even a walk to Ally Pally at some point in the day can help you better deal with stress when it crops up in your life.

3. Make sleep a priority

The less sleep you get, the more irritable you get and more likely you are to get stressed and overreact to little, petty things. When you feel like a stressed out mum, make a serious effort to go to sleep earlier for a few night’s and turn off your electronic devices an hour before bed so you can get a good nights rest.

4. Have a hot bath

If you have time – and a bath tub – I strongly recommend taking a quiet, hot bath at some point during your week to help you relax. Not only does this mean you will be alone for a little while, the heat will help your muscles to relax and release some tension in your body. You can also add some aromatherapy to your bath – mix 10 drops of Lavender essential oil and 6-7 drops of Roman chamomile with a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Add the mixture to a hot bath. Enjoy!

5. Have a massage 

Stress effects on the body have a fairly predictable pattern. Most people carry stress tension in the shoulders, neck, and head – which is why a stressful day can bring a nasty headache. A good relaxation massage can do wonders for tense, sore muscles and deep, slow pressure can ease the stress from inside out.

Kasha is a fully qualified BTEC level 5 Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist with a diploma from the well renowned Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage. She’s also qualified in Pre and Post Natal Massage and her mobile massage service brings you relaxation at its best.

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