Little Crickets Day Care

Little Crickets Day Care, located in an idyllic environment on Park Road at the foot of Alexandra Palace, is blessed with sprawling grounds and strong business principles based on free flow play and access to the large safeguarded grounds. Nestled right between Crouch End and Muswell Hill, our setting is perfectly situated and ideally convenient with ample parking.

We are an owner operated led Day Care that has a can-do attitude to the ever changing needs and demands of life.  Our Management has over 30 years experience in child care combined, and as well as all having children themselves, Little Crickets was born with passion and made from the heart.

Little Crickets Day Care

At Little Crickets we believe that outdoor play has major health benefits and every child needs to be exposed to natural light and open air for maximum physical and mental development.  For this reason we have moved away from a typical boxy, room style atmosphere to take advantage of the amazing light and open space our site is blessed with.  This design provides children with the perfect opportunity to engage in indoor and outdoor activities, and get tactile with nature which is vital towards children’s healthy development.  We strongly believe in using natural resources, and with our understanding of children’s development we combine both elements to provide a healthy balance for every child to learn and grow.


In keeping with our anti-claustrophobic and free flow atmosphere we have designed the room arrangements so that children can best benefit and achieve their personal learning objectives, but also develop and learn by never being too far from the next level stage of progression.  Having a highly multi-lingual environment, we recognise that children develop at different times and speeds, so with this in mind we work with every parent and closely monitor each child’s personal development.

Little Crickets Day Care

Nutrition and Health

Good nutrition is fundamental to the healthy growth and development of every child. We ensure that children receive a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables to sustain their energy levels and drive their enthusiasm to learn and develop. We are proud supporters of Meat Free Mondays. It’s not a lot, but every little helps and we’re trying to do our bit as we believe that protein does not always need to come from meat based produce.

All our meals are cooked in-house fresh each day by our very own chefs who prepare meals with inspiration. Sourcing free range organic produce whenever possible, we also do our best to ensure your child has the best start.  In spring, our exciting project is to build our Little Allotment where the children will be able to get their hands dirty and grow their own produce, learning important skills and having a lot of fun along the way.

Drop-in Crèche

We understand that life can be hectic!  Timetables change, work is calling or sometimes you just need that extra time to do what you need. If this sounds familiar to you, then why not take advantage of our fully flexible hourly drop-in crèche service. With our amazing onsite work space and coffee lounge with wi-fi, it is the perfect place to stay and lose no time in getting that work done… or just drop and go. Integrated and guided by the same ethos as our Day Care, we offer this fully flexible childcare service for children from ages 3 months to 11 years, with age specific activities and homework time if applicable.

Venue Hire

Birthdays are such an exciting and memorable time for children which is why we personalise parties according to children’s interest and provide them with a day that they will always remember.

We take the time to find out about each individual client’s requirements to meet precise expectations. No fantasy is ever too much for Little Crickets. We are here to make their dreams become a reality on their special day.  Select from our wide ranges of party packages.

Book Your Visit Now!

Feel free to come and have a look.  Ask for a Show round Little Crickets Day Care, and we’ll be delighted to give you a tour, tell you all about it and share our ethos.

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