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Our children interact with technology every single day. They play games on iPads and stream TV via Netflix. They do research for projects using the web and are taught via smart whiteboards and interactive learning platforms at school. Whatever their lifestyle, you can be sure that your child is familiar with a wide range of electronic devices and concepts.


But how many children were encouraged to think how all these things work? How many of them are aware that someone somewhere had to design and build their favourite games and gadgets? Technology is not going away and there’s an increased likelihood that the best paid jobs they’ll be competing for as adults will be in the tech industry.

This is where blue{shift} education comes in. As a creative coding company that specialises in teaching children from ages 5-14 how to code and how to build and program robots, blue{shift} is gearing up for an amazing Christmas of coding camps!

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At blue{shift}, the belief is that coding should be a joy for children to learn and that they should be inspired to create something unique, so that programming becomes a passion and hobby for life. At a blue{shift} coding camp your child will be able to programme and create something completely unique, no matter what level of coding they are at. With robotics lessons included at all levels, campers will also be shown how coding can be applied to real-life situations.

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They will be running their creative coding camps for ages 5-14 on 17th to 21st December and 2nd to 4th January at schools in Hampstead, Kensington and Notting Hill.

Classes are held from 10am to 4pm each day, with early drop-off at 9am available for an extra fee. Blue{shift} offer a diverse range of courses including Mini Coders (ages 5 – 6), Animation and coding (ages 6 – 8), Scratch and Robotics (ages 7 – 12), Minecraft Modding (ages 7 – 12), Intro to JavaScript (ages 8 – 12), Robotics Bootcamp (ages 8 – 12), Python Bootcamp (ages 10 – 14) and Coding for Art and Games (ages 10 – 14).

This opportunity is open to all, no matter how much coding experience your child has. Blue{shift} hope to create a relaxed and supportive environment where campers can get stuck in, have fun, and pick up a new skill for life. To  find out more about any of the courses head to the website at, or email


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